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Whole Food Nutrition
365 Days a Year!


Be well and stay well with XANGO 3Sixty5. With Active Defense Complex featuring Primactive™, XANGO 3Sixty5 helps your body actively shield itself from harmful microorganisms, environmental impurities, and oxidative stresses.

"Wellness Extended"
(3:44 min.)

Brand NEW formulation for optimal results:

Thirty Packets - One Month

Be Well and Stay Well

XANGO 3Sixty5 provides balanced blend of essential vitamins, chelated minerals and other key nutrients, specially designed for optimal absorption and a healthy foundation for your daily wellness.

Typical vitamins and other nutritional supplements only help you maintain your health, but it’s hard to prevent occasional (or seasonal) downturns. A typical high-priced premium nutritional supplement boasts many benefits, but may not be utilized by your body properly due to the high doses of isolated nutrients.

Designed for optimal absorption and assimilation, XANGO 3Sixty5 helps your body to actively shield itself from harmful microorganisms, environmental impurities and oxidative stress while providing nutrients your body needs throughout the day.

3SIXTY5 Benefits

XANGO 3Sixty5 with Active Defense Complex provides a unique combination of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and natural extract for a healthy foundation, so you can be well and stay well.

Here are some of the key components:

  • Provides a full spectrum of vitamins and minerals for overall wellness*
  • Helps your body to actively protect itself from occasional downturns*
  • Provides powerful antioxidant support and cellular protection*
  • Bioavailable nutrients
  • Supports healthy energy and cardiovascular health*

Whole Nutrition

There is no question that vitamin and mineral supplements are most effective when taken with other whole foods.

XanGo® Juice is a high-quality, whole-fruit mangosteen puree. It's an excellent way to add to your daily intake of nutritious whole foods.

Use the combination of 3SIXTY5™daily vitamin & mineral supplement with XanGo® Juice to help give your body the ingredients it needs:

Get whole-food, whole nutrition today with the 3SIXTY5™daily vitamin & mineral supplement.

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